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Ireland has fascinating sceneries, amazing landscapes, and well-known tourist spots. But Ireland is renowned for much more than its natural marvels.


The nation is also well-known for its extensive history and culture. Additionally, Ireland has given the world some of the most renowned authors, musicians, and performers like Oscar Wilde and Bono. And together with its numerous customs and festivals, the Irish people are renowned for their cuisine and beverages.


No wonder tourists worldwide can’t get enough of the Emerald Isle. According to the Irish Tourism Industry Confederation (ITIC), an estimated seven million tourists visited the country. Naturally, these globetrotters will get some keepsakes from the Ireland trip.


As a wholesale souvenir shop, you need various mementos to satisfy the visitors. Indeed, as the top souvenir supplier and manufacturer in China, we know the market’s need for top-notch trinkets. If you’re growing your product line or launching a souvenir business, TALMUD has a comprehensive guide to Ireland souvenir gifts!

Top 15 Ireland Souvenir Gifts

Tourists are always looking for new and amazing souvenirs. The best Ireland souvenirs produced by TALMUD are listed below to assist you in stocking up your shop:

1. Clover Ireland Souvenir Mug

mukautettu Clover Ireland Souvenir Mug -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 1 Clover Ireland Souvenir Mug

The three-leaf clover, or shamrock, has long been associated with Ireland. According to Irish legends, St. Patrick used the shamrock as a teaching tool to explain the Holy Trinity to unbelievers. And to embody the spirit of St. Patrick, we made an Ireland matkamuistomuki covered with three-leaf clovers.


Our 12 oz. Clover Ireland souvenir mug is made from ceramic, making them retain heat better. We have a developed supply chain for ceramic cups and mugs that provides 100% excellent quality assurance for your souvenir retail sales.


Also, we can produce thousands per day for you at a low cost without compromising on quality or speed of delivery. Everything we use for our Clover Ireland souvenir mugs is highly eco-friendly.

2. Clover Souvenir Metal Ashtray

mukautettu Clover Souvenir Metal Tuhkakuppi tukkuvalmistaja ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 2 Clover Souvenir Metal Ashtray

Ireland is home to amazing tourist spots. For example, Trinity College’s campanile. Erected in 1853, the iconic infrastructure stands in the middle of the college grounds. Some say you will surely fail your exams if you pass under it when the bell tolls.


Another great tourist spot is the Molly Malone statue. The statue commemorates Molly, who had given birth prematurely in the 19th-century famine. Her statue is proof of the Irish people’s strong spirit.


Tourists would love to take home a souvenir with all the important landmarks. To make that a reality, TALMUD has created the Clover souvenir metal ashtray. The ashtray is made from a rust-resistant zinc alloy, and the design is made from soft enamel. Our standard size is 12×8 cm, but you can personalize it in different sizes. Lastly, we have an MOQ of 500 pieces for this design.

3. Dublin Ireland Fridge Magnet

custom Dublin Irlanti Jääkaappimagneetti tukkuvalmistus ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 3 Dublin Ireland Fridge Magnet

With an estimated 1,455,004 people living in the city, Ireland’s largest city is Dublin. It’s also the country’s capital. Aside from the Guinness originating from the city, there are other fascinating facts surrounding it. For example, Vikings laid the foundations of Dublin twice, in 841 AD and again in 917. Another great piece of information about the city is that it’s home to the oldest pub!


Anyone who’s anyone will fall in love with the city and want to get a keepsake when they travel there. That’s why TALMUD created the Dublin Ireland fridge magnet. The magnet is made from wood, art paper, and Polypropylene with a photo of Dublin.


We usually make these fridge magnets 5×6 cm, but you can still personalize the size. Also, we have an MOQ of 500 pieces, but we are open to negotiation to accommodate up-and-coming souvenir shops.

4. Dublin Souvenir Embroidery Badge

mukautettu Dublin Souvenir Embroidery Badge -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 4 Dublin Souvenir Embroidery Badge

As said earlier, Dublin is home to Guinness beer. In 1759, Arthur Guinness launched his brewery, where he made the first Guinness beer. Astonishingly, the beer is not black. If you hold the pint up to the light, you can more easily notice the faint ruby-red hue that results from the roasted barley. And surprisingly, the Guinness Book of World Records is from the same company that makes the beer.


TALMUD has created the Dublin souvenir embroidery badge with the Celtic cross and Guinness beer in the design. We use fade-resistant fabric to create the beautiful memento, and it’s very easy to put on due to the velcro.

5. Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener

mukautettu Guinness Ireland Pullonavaaja tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 5 Guinness Ireland Bottle Opener

Some say that Guinness is an acquired taste. But once you have tasted it, you will not get enough of it. Guinness beer includes hints of coffee and chocolate, malty sweetness, and hoppy bitterness. Because of the roasted unmalted barley used in its brewing, a roasted taste is also noticeable.


What better way to open a Guinness or any other beer is with our Guinness Ireland bottle opener? The matkamuistopullonavaaja is made from highly rust-resistant zinc alloy. Our prestigious factory in China embossed the text to make it more presentable. Plus, our Guinness Ireland bottle opener has nickel-free plating to make it safer.

6. Ireland Flag Souvenir Lanyard

custom Ireland Flag Souvenir Lanyard tukkumyyntivalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 6 Ireland Flag Souvenir Lanyard

Like Italy and France, Ireland has a tricolored flag composed of green, white, and orange. Green, which has long been connected to Irish republicanism, makes up the flag’s left third. Opposite of green is orange which signifies Ireland’s unionist Protestant British citizens. White sits between these two opposing powers, representing peace.


As a renowned manufacturer and supplier of high-quality souvenirs in China, TALMUD honors these colors. We use high-quality fabric and print the design using our CMYK printing process. If you buy wholesale, this is the perfect product to display in your store, as we offer a bulk package.

7. Ireland Clover Enamel Keychain

mukautetun Irlannin Clover Enamel -avainnipun tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 7 Ireland Clover Enamel Keychain

Sheep are often linked to Ireland, and there’s a good explanation behind the connection. The wooly creatures have been there for almost as long as people have. To further corroborate the information, a sheep’s tooth discovered in County Kerry was carbon-dated to 4350 BC. The discovery suggests that Neanderthals brought sheep to the island about 5000 BC.


That’s why we made the Ireland clover enamel keychain to commemorate the special bond of the country and sheep. As a well-known souvenir keychain factory, we always make this design in our rust-resistant zinc alloy. We also use silver-colored plating for the keychain. And to make the colors pop, we enamel on one side of each design.

8. Ireland Souvenir Ceramic Tray

mukautettu Irlanti Souvenir Ceramic Tray -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 8 Ireland Souvenir Ceramic Tray

As there are a lot of sheep in the country, Ireland is one of the major wool producers. During the olden days, wool was spun into threads using a spinning wheel. And to remember and relive the past, TALMUD created the Ireland souvenir ceramic tray with a portrait of a woman spinning wool.


Our factory in Jingdezhen city creates these beautiful ceramic trays that will last for years. Plus, each tray is meticulously handmade. Because of that, we don’t have any custom sizes and only stick to our standard 12 cm diameter tray.

9. Ireland Souvenir Keyring

mukautettu Irlanti matkamuisto-avaimenperä tukkuvalmistaja ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 9 Ireland Souvenir Keyring

Aside from the usual symbols like the leprechaun and shamrock, Ireland is also linked to the Celtic people. Historical records first mentioned the Celts in writing around 700 BC. They were a group of tribes that inhabited most of Europe. Many of their cultures survived into the present world, like the Dara knot.


The knot symbolizes strength and inner strength. That’s why TALMUD was drawn to the knot and made into one of the charms in our Ireland souvenir keyring. Along with the Celtic cross, leprechaun hat, and shamrock, we use zinc alloy for each charm. And to protect the souvenir, we put each Ireland souvenir keyring you purchase in an OPP bag.

10. Ireland Souvenir Notebook

mukautetun Irlannin matkamuistomuistikirjan tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 10 Ireland Souvenir Notebook

Ireland is home to fascinating tourist destinations, including the cliffs of Moher. The cliffs are the subject of several Irish folktales and a bird spotting ground. Also, the EU and Irish governments have designated this region as a particular protected area because of its importance to many bird species. Around 30,000 seabirds nest there, and in 1988 it was designated as a Sanctuary for Wildlife.


As a distinguished souvenir supplier, TALMUD created the Ireland souvenir notebook with the cliffs of Moher printed on the front cover as the design. Get a sample before buying it in bulk and at an affordable wholesale price.

11. Ireland Souvenir Metal Decor

mukautettu Irlanti Souvenir Metal Decor -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 11 Ireland Souvenir Metal Decor

Galway might be one of the most famous cities in Ireland. The city is the second-largest in terms of population, comprising 83,456 individuals as of 2022. Galway’s also the largest Gaeltacht or Irish-speaking community in the country.


As a top-notch manufacturer in China, we have designed a souvenir just for Galway. Our 4×4 cm Ireland Souvenir metal decor is made from rust-resistant metal. And as a supplier of high-quality souvenirs, TALMUD can create 10,000 Ireland souvenir metal decors a day.

12. Ireland Wood Fridge Magnet

mukautettu Irlanti Wood Fridge Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 12 Ireland Wood Fridge Magnet

Ireland is 84,421 km² (or 32,595 mi²). The country is the 121st largest country in the world by area and the 22nd largest in Europe. But you only need 13 hours to simply drive around Ireland. However, if you want to bask in the glory of Ireland, you’ll need seven days to travel throughout the nation. Only a few can make the 7-day trip.


So if you want to make your customers feel like they have traveled across Ireland, you can get our Ireland wood fridge magnet. As a renowned souvenir fridge magnet factory, we put Ireland’s map as the design. We use wood and a soft magnet to create the souvenir and 2D print the design over the material. What’s great about this product is you can personalize the design.

13. Irish Souvenir Wooden Sign

räätälöity irlantilainen matkamuistopuinen kyltti tukkumyyntivalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 13 Irish Souvenir Wooden Sign

The Irish people have always had a close relationship with Christianity which paved the way for them to create blessings. These blessings offer love, protection, and guidance to anyone. One of the most popular ones is the traditional Irish blessing.


Little is known about the author, but the blessing was originally composed in the traditional Irish language. The blessing is primarily represented by the sun, wind, and rain, which links to Christianity and the Bible. As a souvenir supplier, TALMUD has created the perfect memento with the traditional Irish blessing. The 30×10 cm souvenir is made from wood, and the design is hand-painted.

14. Ireland Souvenir Necklace

mukautetun Irlannin matkamuistokaulakorun tukkuvalmistaja ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 14 Ireland Souvenir Necklace

The three-leaf clover is a well-known Irish symbol. It’s also called shamrock from the Gaelic term Seamrog, which means “small clover.” Some believe the shamrock’s three leaves represent faith, hope, and love. Our Ireland souvenir necklace embodies the three traits.


Generally, our clover-shaped necklace is made from high-quality, eco-friendly silver and vibrant green gemstones. Each three-leaf clover we make in our factory is exactly 4×4 cm. Plus, we also put each Ireland souvenir necklace you order in a cute paper gift box.

15. Ireland Souvenir License Plate

mukautetun Irlannin matkamuistorekisterikilven tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 15 Ireland Souvenir License Plate

There are sixty-eight countries that drive on the left side of the road, and Ireland is one of them. Some say that Romans started driving on the left side for military purposes, and the British passed laws to make it official. Since Ireland was part of the United Kingdom from 1801 to 1922, the country emulated the law.


And speaking of driving, what better way to finish the list is our Ireland souvenir license plate? Our Ireland souvenir license plate has the colors of Ireland’s flag and city names like Limerick and Cork. We also added some memorable Irish symbols like the Guinness beer, three-leaf clover, Celtic cross, and Celtic harp.


Your customers can ride in style with our matkamuisto rekisterikilpi made from rust-resistant metal. We have a standard size of 6×12 inches, but you can still customize it to your liking.

Ireland Souvenir Gifts FAQs

1. Can I get custom souvenir Ireland license plates?

Yes, you can personalize your souvenir Ireland license plates. TALMUD offers personalization services to our clients for more unique Irish mementos. Our license plates are frequently composed of aluminum and other premium metals with baked or enamel finishes.


Your clients may use these specially created license plates on their sports cars, trucks, and RVs because they are available in various sizes. Plus, each license plate has personalized lettering engraved on them. Our custom souvenir license plates are made using a unique engraving procedure and are both lightweight and water-resistant.

2. What kind of fridge magnets should I get for my store in Dublin?

Our array of refrigerator magnets is the best Ireland souvenirs that are portable and simple for your customers to bring home. We highly suggest you get our Dublin Ireland Fridge Magnet and the Ireland Wood Fridge Magnet.


These inexpensive fridge magnets will bring back fond memories of Ireland. You may purchase them in our standard design or create personalized memento fridge magnets to promote your brand.

3. Can I order in bulk for the Ireland souvenir necklace?

Indeed, the Ireland souvenir necklace design makes you fashionable and doubles as a daily wear charm. And yes, you can order our Ireland souvenir necklace in bulk. You can get our lovely necklaces in quantity for even more discounts. As the greatest Chinese manufacturer of souvenirs, TALMUD has a long history of producing top-notch Ireland souvenir necklaces for the global wholesale market.

Custom Ireland Souvenir Gifts Wholesale Manufacturer In China

Aside from being the home of Guinness, Irish coffee, and Leprechauns, Ireland is a fascinating place to visit. That’s why tourists keep coming back to the Emerald Isle. And having amazing custom Ireland souvenir gifts in your shop is imperative so tourists can take some of Ireland back home.


If you need help stocking up for the holiday rush or surge of tourists, you can always trust TALMUD. As one of China’s leading souvenir manufacturers, we create stunning Ireland-related mementos that any tourist will adore.


As a well-known souvenir factory, TALMUD has a solid reputation among our clients worldwide, including those from the USA, Australia, South America, and Africa. Please contact us if you need help making bespoke gifts or souvenirs relating to Ireland.

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