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Ciao! Italy is one of the European countries most tourists put on their travel bucket list. With its green countryside and rich history, Italy rakes millions of visitors each year. In 2022 alone, the country had around 40.9 million tourists.


Naturally, tourists want something to remember Italy with. Tourists want something memorable yet portable, so it doesn’t bulk up in their luggage. As a forward-thinking souvenir manufacturer and supplier, TALMUD anticipated this demand. We have created a fine collection of souvenir gifts for our clients in Italy.


In fact, we have produced a list of the top Italia matkamuistolahjat to help you narrow down your options. With our amazing and affordable souvenirs, your store will transform into the trendiest place in Italy!

Top 15 Italy Souvenir Gifts

TALMUD has all sorts of Italy-themed souvenirs. Whether you’re searching for a personalized souvenir or a landmark-specific memento, our company has them! Here’s a selection of the top Italy souvenir gifts TALMUD produces:

1. Florence Souvenir Magnet

räätälöity Florence Souvenir Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 1 Florence Souvenir Magnet

Florence is known to be the city of lilies because of the abundance of Florence iris (or lily to everyone) during spring. Aside from the flower, Florence is home to many UNESCO heritage sites. These locations include Le Rampe, San Miniato Abbey, San Salvatore Church, Rose Garden, Iris Garden, and Piazzale Michelangelo.


With our Florence souvenir magnet, your customers will take home these heritage sites. Our distinguished factory only uses high-quality metal to create our stunning souvenir magnet. That’s why you can never go wrong with our products.


We usually make these souvenir magnets 8 cm in diameter, but you can still get custom sizes for your shop. Each souvenir is meticulously embossed, and we put enamel to make the design pop. And when you order a bulk of our Florence souvenir magnet, we package each in OPP bags with barcodes.

2. Italy Souvenir Cap

custom Italy Souvenir Cap Hat tukkuvalmistaja ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 2 Italy Souvenir Cap

Most European nations consider football their national sport, and Italy is one of them. In fact, due to the sport’s popularity, over 4.6 million Italians play it every year. And like other football-playing countries, Italy has a national team for the sport.


Since playing its first game in 1910, the Italian national football team has represented the country in international games. And since then, Italy has won four World Cups and is one of the most successful national teams in football history.


That’s why as China’s finest souvenir factory, TALMUD has created the Italy souvenir cap for football players and fans alike. Our souvenir cap is made of high-quality fabric that will not fade easily. We also embroidered the Italy national football team’s logo on the cap to make it extra special.

3. Italy Souvenir Ceramic Mug

custom Italy Souvenir Ceramic Mug -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 3 Italy Souvenir Ceramic Mug

Italy is known for its people, love for football, and language. But the country is more commonly known for its amazing food and landmarks. Tourists can fill their stomachs with authentic pasta and pizza and wash them down with great wine. And visitors worldwide can see marvelous landmarks like the Leaning Tower of Pisa.


Our souvenir mug is made of ceramic from our factory in Jingdezhen, China’s porcelain capital. Our world-class artisans hand-painted each image, and we offer a standard 12 oz. But you contact us if you need other custom sizes for your store.

4. Italy Souvenir Cork Coaster

räätälöity Italian Souvenir Cork Coaster -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 4 Italy Souvenir Cork Coaster

Since ancient times, Italy has always been a hub of varying cultures. And with disparaging beliefs, Italy wasn’t united under one flag until 1861.


The country has a green, red, and white tricolor flag. Green represents optimism, freedom, and social equality. Also, it is a reference to the Italian countryside’s verdant fields. Red honors the bloodshed at the country’s founding but also stands for love and kindness. Lastly, white has long been a religious symbol. The color also brings to mind the Alps’ beautiful, snow-capped peaks that border northern Italy.


TALMUD, a high-end original equipment manufacturer (OEM), uses eco-friendly materials such as cork, medium-density fibreboard, and art paper for our coasters. Our souvenir cork coasters come in a set of 4 or 6 pieces.

5. Italy Souvenir Cotton Apron

custom Italy Souvenir Cotton Esiliina tukkumyyjä ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 5 Italy Souvenir Cotton Apron

As stated earlier, tourists visit Italy for its food and landmarks. But saying that Italy’s food is so good is an understatement. Tourists can’t finish their trip to the country without eating traditional gelato, pizza, and pasta. Visitors can’t also get enough of their cured meats, delicious seafood, and aromatic coffee.


If you want to capture the gastronomic side of tourists, our Italy souvenir cotton apron is the right one for you. Our souvenir apron is filled with cute images of Italy’s amazing food and its flag in the background. We dye the cotton fabric first, then paint the design to make it more special. Our Italy souvenir shop has an MOQ of 1,000 pieces for wholesale souvenir shops.

6. Italy Souvenir Jigsaw Puzzle

räätälöity Italian matkamuistopalapelin tukkumyyjä ja toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 6 Italy Souvenir Jigsaw Puzzle

Italy is known for its well-built fountains. Today, every city in Italy has a fountain decorating its squares and streets. The practice of constructing fountains dates back to Ancient Rome. Generally, the splendor of their aqueducts, baths, and fountains attest to the Romans’ close affinity with water.


We adore the complexity and opulence of the fountain. And as a family-centered souvenir supplier, we know the importance of bonding with your family members. That’s why we created the Italy souvenir jigsaw puzzle. The Italy souvenir jigsaw puzzle is an amazing gift for families who love doing puzzles together. Our souvenir jigsaw puzzle is made of premium paper and has an MOQ of 1,000 pieces.

7. Italy Souvenir License Plate

räätälöity Italian matkamuistorekisterikilpi tukkumyyntivalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 7 Italy Souvenir License Plate

France, Austria, and Switzerland border Italy. Some might think that Italy is the oldest country because it has one of the oldest histories in Europe. However, Italy only became a nation in 1861. Although Italy was a single nation throughout the Roman era, it split into a group of independent states after the fall of the Romans. It stayed shattered until 1861.


We are truly amazed at how Italy came to be. Therefore, as the leading souvenir factory in China, we created the Italy souvenir license plate to feature some of the cities in the country. Our matkamuisto rekisterikilpi is made of rust-resistant aluminum alloy and has an MOQ of 500 pieces. Each license plate is 12×6 inches, but you contact us for more custom sizes.

8. Italy Souvenir Rubber Keychain

räätälöity Italian Souvenir Rubber Keychain -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 8 Italy Souvenir Rubber Keychain

Italians take football seriously, and you can see their devotion and admiration during the FIFA World Cup. Indeed, Italians will go all out to chant for their team. Fun fact, blue is often associated with the team. Blue, or azzurro in Italian, has long been associated with the royal family that brought Italy’s unification in 1861. That’s why the national team proudly wears the color on their jerseys.


TALMUD, a competitive and devoted souvenir factory, has created the Italy souvenir keychain with the team’s jerseys as the design. It’s a great souvenir gift to friends and family who are fans of the team. We used high-quality rubber and silicone to manufacture the design and embossed the design on both sides. Our company offers this design in a 7×5 cm size.

9. Italy Souvenir Wooden Magnet

räätälöity Italian Souvenir Wooden Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 9 Italy Souvenir Wooden Magnet

Venice is undoubtedly one of Italy’s most attractive cities. Often called “Serenissima,” “The Floating City,” and the “City of Canals,” the city is also a well-liked tourism destination. Tourists flock to the city because of its meandering canals, impressive architecture, and lovely bridges.


As the leading souvenir personalization company, we have captured the essence of the gondola’s design with our Italy souvenir wooden magnet. We use the finest wood to put on the gondola design. Our Italy souvenir wooden magnet is a perfect decoration for any home. Each souvenir magnet is sized 10×3 cm, but you can email us for other custom sizes.

10. Milan Souvenir Enamel Magnet

räätälöity Milan Souvenir Enamel Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 10 Milan Souvenir Enamel Magnet

The wealthiest city in Italy is Milan. It is the regional capital of the Lombardy region in Northern Italy. To date, Milan’s population is around 3,149,000, and 15% is composed of foreigners. Aside from the astonishing number of people living there, Milan has a lot to offer in terms of tourist landmarks. For example, the Duomo di Milano and the Statua di Vittorio Emanuele II.


TALMUD has created a souvenir just for the city, the Milan souvenir enamel magnet. The souvenir magnet has images of the two famous landmarks and puts soft enamel on top for a more elegant look. We use rust-proof zinc alloy to create this stunning masterpiece. Also, as the leading souvenir magnet supplier, we offer custom sizes or the standard 10×5 cm size for this design.

11. Pisa Souvenir Cotton Bag

mukautettu Pisa Souvenir Cotton Bag -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 11 Pisa Souvenir Cotton Bag

Everyone is aware of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. But few people know that the peculiar tower is not intended to stand alone. In fact, it’s the bell tower of the adjacent Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta. Moreover, its construction lasted 199 years. The construction began in 1173 and was only done in 1372.


Our Pisa souvenir cotton bag eternalizes the tower’s uniqueness. We use our CMYK printing technique to put the design over high-quality and eco-friendly cotton fabric. The 30×20 cm bag can fit most of a tourist’s needs, like a wallet, alcohol, and water bottle. You can also get in touch with us if you want a more personalized souvenir cotton bag.

12. Roma Souvenir Tin Sign

mukautettu Roma Souvenir Tin Sign -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 12 Roma Souvenir Tin Sign

Rome is known for its vast history. As tourists walk around the city, they can see the ruins of the ancient Romans. One of the most prominent landmarks is the Colosseum. The Colosseum construction started in 72 AD and was finished eight years later. That means the landmark is more than 1,900 years old.


Our 30×30 cm Roma souvenir tin sign has the essence and beauty of the Colosseum at night. It is made from rust-proof tinplate, and we use our CMYK printing technique for the design. That’s why you don’t have to worry about it fading immediately. You can check out our other personalized souvenir metal sign if you want more designs.

13. Venice Souvenir Metal Magnet

mukautettu Venice Souvenir Metal Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 13 Venice Souvenir Metal Magnet

In reality, the city of Venice comprises 118 several distinct islands, each with its own personality and landmarks. And these islands are connected by bridges. In fact, there are 417 bridges in the city and 72 of which are private.


Our 8×5 cm Venice souvenir acrylic magnet fully pictures one of the many bridges in the city. As a top-notch souvenir manufacturer, we only use high-quality acrylic for this product. We also use our CMYK printing technique to make the color pop from the design.

14. Italy Cities Souvenir Magnet

custom Italy Cities Souvenir Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 14 Italy Cities Souvenir Magnet

Forty-six cities make up the country of Italy. Every city is unique, but four cities are utterly remarkable: Rome, Pisa, Florence, and Venice. These cities have the most tourists each year and the most amazing landmarks. We created the Italy cities souvenir magnet solely to highlight these cities.


As a frontrunner in souvenir manufacturing in China, TALMUD uses top-notch materials such as tin, soft magnets, and art paper. And as an added touch, we used the Italian names of each city for authenticity and uniqueness. You can get custom sizes for this design, but you can also stick to the standard 8×5.5 cm size.

15. Italy Souvenir Glass Magnet

räätälöity Italian Souvenir Glass Magnet -tukkuvalmistaja ja -toimittaja Kiinassa

Figure 15 Italy Souvenir Glass Magnet

Among Italy’s cities, Vercelli has fewer tourists. But the simple city is quite a gem to behold. Vercelli is widely renowned for its rice and wines, both grown on the picturesque hills of the Monferrato region. The city also has some amazing landmarks, like the Basilica of St. Andrew.


Our team of specialists in China created a special Italy souvenir glass magnet with an image of the basilica. We use glass for this one to embody the regalness of the landmark. The matkamuistomagneetti has a standard 5 cm diameter size, but you can still customize it to your liking. We offer a 1,000-piece MOQ for this one to our wholesale clients.

Italy Souvenir Gifts FAQs

1. How can TALMUD help me as a new wholesale souvenir business?

As a top-notch souvenir supplier and manufacturer, TALMUD can provide you with more than just excellent and reasonably priced Italy-themed souvenirs.


We can provide strategic consulting services at the beginning of your wholesale souvenir journey. With consultation services, we will provide you with free advisory services. We can also assist you in creating your initial souvenir catalog following your development strategy and budget. Pick TALMUD because it provides a reliable manufacturing line for your wholesale souvenir company!

2. What are the most famous landmarks in Italy?

Some of the most famous landmarks in the country are the leaning tower of Pisa, the canals in Venice, and The Colosseum in Rome. Each place is reminiscent of the past and tells the story of each city. And as a prominent manufacturer in China’s souvenir industry, TALMUD has strategically made keepsakes showcasing these places.


You can also email us to create custom pieces for your shop. We created a fool-proof souvenir ecosystem, including customization consulting services and establishing global strategic partnerships.

3. Does TALMUD make custom souvenirs for other European countries?

Yes, of course! We can help you with your souvenir needs even if you’re not based in Italy. As a pioneer in the custom souvenir industry, TALMUD offers souvenirs to various European nations like Austria and Norway.


TALMUD has a long-standing partnership with wholesalers of souvenirs in those countries and other neighboring ones. We always guarantee product quality, fair pricing, and low MOQs for our clients.

Custom Italy Souvenir Gifts Wholesale Manufacturer In China

Italy is an amazing country to visit. The country has a rich history, culture, and delicious food, which are why tourists keep returning to the country. That’s why having high-quality and amazing personalized Italy souvenir gifts in your store is crucial. Our souvenirs will make your customers happy and satisfied because they can bring home a piece of the country.


You can always rely on TALMUD if you need assistance stocking up for the holiday rush or the rise in travelers. We provide gorgeous souvenirs with an Italian theme that any tourist would enjoy. Being a well-known manufacturer of souvenirs, TALMUD has a good reputation among its customers. If you need assistance creating top-notch souvenirs, please contact us.

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